CAML Academy Offering Computer Science for All!
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CAML Academy 2018 summer camp schedule is available, early bird discount ends March 31st, 2018
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CAML Academy After-School Schedule - Coming soon!
CAML Academy 2018 Track-Out Schedule Coming soon!

What Students Learn from CAML Academy

The after-school program provided by CAML Academy offers students different courses each day. Each course meets once a week from 4:45 – 5:45 pm (pick up is  by 6 pm) for approximately 12 – 15 weeks each. The courses were developed around a framework of both computer science content and computational practice. Labs and projects done in class are contextualized to be socially relevant and meaningful for diverse students. Units utilize a variety of tools/platforms, and culminate with final projects around but not limited following topics:

Human Computer Interaction

Students will learn the characteristics that make certain tasks easy or difficult for computers, and how these differ from those that humans characteristically find easy or difficult.

Web Design

Students will learn to plan and code their web pages using a variety of techniques and check their sites for usability and create user-friendly websites.

Problem Solving

Students will become computational thinkers by applying a variety of problem-solving techniques as they create solutions to problems that are situated in a variety of contexts.

Computing and Data Analysis

Students will use computers to translate, process and visualize data in order to find patterns and test hypotheses. Students will work with a variety of large data sets that illustrate how information facilitates identification of problems.


Students will learn how to program using Scratch, Blockly, JavaScript, Python, and Java; some of the world’s most popular object oriented programming languages, through making their own Minecraft® Mods.


Students explore how to integrate hardware and software in order to solve problems. Students will apply previously learned topics to the study of robotics.

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