Club Date/Time: Saturday 1:30PM - 3:30PM

Algorithms and Programming

This unit introduces the foundational concepts of computer programming and algorithm, which unlocks the ability to make rich, interactive apps. Kids learn to use JavaScript, Java, and Python to build apps, Minecraft Mod etc.

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Digital Information

This unit explores the technical challenges and questions that arise from the need to represent digital information in computers and transfer it between people and computational devices. Topics include: the digital representation of information – numbers, text, images, and communication protocols

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The Internet

This unit teaches kids how the Internet works and concepts like DNS, TCP/IP etc. that related to the Internet. Students will also has the opportunity to design their own versions of protocols, each one layered on the previous one, in a process that mimics the layered sets of protocols on the real Internet.

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Big Data and Privacy

The major goals of the unit are:
1. for students to develop a well­rounded and balanced view about data in the world around them and both the positive and negative effects of it and 2. to understand the basics of how and why modern encryption works.

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  • $125/Month, hardware and software are provided by CAML Academy.
  • One time registration fee ($25) applies to new students.