Learning should NOT stop after-school. Especially when you can learn an important skill that will benefit your whole life. While 91% of parents want their children to learn computer science, only 1 in 4 U.S. schools offer computer science classes with computer programming*. This is why we are here to provide opportunities for every child to attain an education in Computer Science.

  • $295/Month, hardware and software are provided by CAML Academy.
  • One time registration fee ($25) applies to new students.

Programming by Minecraft Mod

Students will get hands on experience on the first day of their after-school study. With kid friendly drag and drop programming language, and the popular topic – Minecraft Mod, we teach students fundamental programming skills like sequence, loops, event handling, conditions and more.

Creativity, Problem Solving and Collaboration

Students use tools and techniques of computer science to create interesting and relevant artifacts with characteristics that are enhanced by computation. They learn how to analyze and decompose problems, and how to resolve conflicts and work together to complete projects.

Data and Information

Students work with data using a variety of computational tools and techniques to better understand the many ways in which data is transformed into information and knowledge.


Students work with algorithms in many ways: They develop and express original algorithms, and implement algorithms using programming language(s) they learned at CAML.

The Internet

Students gain insight into how the Internet operates, study the characteristics of the Internet and systems built on it, design and create their own website, and analyze important concerns such as cybersecurity.


Students learn to use abstractions – the central problem-solving technique in Computer Science to model the world and communicate with people as well as with machines.

*Data from the Gallup’s research study(commissioned by Google) in 2014 “Searching for Computer Science: Access and Barriers in K-12 Education”, and found here