At CAML Academy, we believe Computer science opens more doors for students than any other discipline in today’s world. Computer software and information technology are used everywhere, and they are the foundation for every student, whether they want to pursue a career in software or to be a more well-rounded citizen in the 21st century.

In development since 2008, over 100 colleges and universities have stated their support for K-12 Computer Science education, with the majority anticipating they will award college credit for AP Computer Science Principles.

How We Teach Students at CAML Academy

Our programs are fun, playful, and designed especially for kids from grades K through 12 and are taught on site using our state of art learning system.


People learn best when they are actively working on meaningful projects — generating new ideas, designing prototypes, refining iteratively.


When people work on projects they care about, they work longer and harder, persist in the face of challenges, and learn more in the process.


Learning flourishes as a social activity, with people sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and building on one another's work.


Learning involves playful experimentation — trying new things, tinkering with materials, testing boundaries, taking risks, iterating again and again.