CS for All After-School Program

(Grades 3 – 8)

Learning should NOT stop after-school!  Students are already well prepared to learn programming, algorithmic problem solving and more. They can have the opportunities to be creators – not just consumers in this digital economy, and to be active citizens in our technology-driven world. Our After-School program students meet anywhere between once to five times a week through the entire school year.  Students are led by industrial professionals with extensive teaching experience. They learn fundamental CS concepts that lead up to writing complicated programs using Blockly, JavaScript, Python, and Java that can be applied to computers, mobile devices and controlling robots.

  • Computer Science Principles
  •  Algorithms and Data Structure
  •  Fundamental Programming and Problem Solving
  •  Mobile App and Game design
  •  Creativity and Collaboration
  •  Internet, Web design, Robotics
  • Coding, Mobile App and Game Design
  • Robotics

AP Computer Science Prep

AP Computer Science can lead you to a future in 130 career areas and 48 college majors (from college board). Most high schools don’t offer AP Computer Science, some high school do offer this course but only available online and students have to learn by themselves. Our AP Computer Science prep programs is taught by professional software engineers with Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science. Students will meet 1.5hrs once a week plus optional 2hrs lab time. Lessons cover all the topics listed in College Board AP Computer Science course requirements:

  • Object-Oriented Program Design
  •  Program Implementation
  •  Program Analysis
  • Standard Data Structures
  •  Standard Operations and Algorithms
  •  Computing in Context


Our Computer Science and Programming related STEM camps are educational, engaging and entertaining, teaching kids fundamental Computer Science principles, coding, mobile app and game design, robotics and a lot more.

  • Minecraft® Mod by Blockly (Ages: 5+)
  • Minecraft® Mod by JavaScript (Ages: 10+)
  • Minecraft® Mod by Python(Ages: 10+)
  • Minecraft® Mod by Java (Ages: 10+)
  • Engineering with Minecraft Redstone (Ages: 7+)
  • Mobile App and Game Design (Ages: 7+)
  • Coding and Robotics by Dash and Dot (Ages: 6-12)